"From Employee to Owner"

Balfour House was originally opened as “The Greek Corner” around 1982 in a small office located near the north gates of LSU’s campus in Baton Rouge by Greg Miller, a Balfour Fraternity Division Jewelry Sales Representative.  At that time, Balfour manufactured all fraternity and sorority jewelry (pins, rings, drop letters, etc…) and Greg’s territory was Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and south Alabama.  Greg chose Baton Rouge to establish his office due to its central location within his territory.  The Greek Corner afforded Greg an office to service his territory from and began to sell a few fraternity and sorority novelty items.  In 1983, as Greg’s territory demands required him to spend more time out of the office, he hired his first employee, Pat Quint.  Pat, a Fiji at LSU worked in the store and helped watch the shop when Greg was on the road.  The business quickly outgrew the original location and relocated to a larger space around the corner.  Greg’s desire to return to his home state of California led to him selling the business in 1985.  Later that same year, the new owners relocated the store to a larger space on the south side of LSU’s campus as business continued to grow.  A couple of things happened in 1986.  Pat graduated in December of that year, and Rita Madison was hired to manage the store.  Rita eventually bought Balfour House in 1998.  

Upon graduation, Pat married Angela Bass, a Phi Mu at LSU and his high school sweetheart, and they moved to Shreveport to begin their professional careers.  But Pat never gave up on his dream of one day owning Balfour House.  Pat and Angela returned to Baton Rouge in the fall of 1987 and began establishing their roots in Baton Rouge and growing their professional careers in the petrochemical and banking industries, respectively.  Pat’s nagging desire to own the business drove him to visit Rita a couple of times a year and always remind her that, when she was ready to retire, he was ready to buy the business.  And that’s exactly what happened.  In 2009, Rita sold the business to the Quints, and she and her husband retired and moved to Texas to be closer to their children and grandchildren.  Pat and Angela reenergized the business and the resulting growth dictated yet another move to its current location on the southern edge of LSU’s campus.

While Pat and Angela are co-owners of the business, Angela is the one that left her job in the banking industry and took her career down a completely different path as a small business owner.  She is in the store every day and runs the business, while Pat continues with his professional career and manages to spend just enough time at the store to aggravate Angela!  The standing joke is that owning the store was Pat’s dream and Angela is the one that got stuck running the business! 

Pat and Angela both love the business, and, as a result, put their hearts and souls into everything that is made and sold in the store.  They have been privileged to establish a broad customer base that has resulted in not only successful business partnerships but numerous friendships as well.  The personal touch that their customers receive results in the unparalleled customer service that continues to bring them back to the store time and time again.  They feel that they have been fortunate to grow their reputation as a premium provider of goods to the Greek community and are thankful to their customers for that.  Pat and Angela want to personally thank their children and the many family members, friends, and customers who have helped them succeed in this endeavor.